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We are an Australian wholesale business supplying premium Australian Made Biodegradable Covid -19 killing Antibacterial Wipes. Our wipes are laboratory and dermatologically tested, TGA listed as killing Covid 19 & 99.9% of Germs. Our wipes are suitable to sanitise Gyms, Healthcare, Corporate, Retail, Hospitality, Education, Childcare and Households. Our wipes are environmentally friendly and compostable.

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Diamond Premium:
Antibacterial Wipes 1000 Sheets

(Kills Covid-19 and 99.9% of Germs)

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There are no limitations to specific industries and households that our Premium Antibacterial Wipes can cater for.

Diamond Premium Antibacterial Wipes is an all-purpose one solution Covid-19 and germ killing (99.9%) wipe that disinfects surfaces, food preparation areas, gym equipment and is gentle on the human skin (alcohol free). Our Antibacterial Wipes can be used in any situation to disinfect and protect all persons in these challenging times. Our wipes ensure a one product solution for everyday ‘clean and safe’ sanitising.

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Benefits of our products

Kills COVID-19


Biodegradable & Compostable

Independently tested and TGA Listed

Kills 99.99% of germs

Hygienic Cleaning

Sanitise whilst working out

Australian Made and Owned

Benefits and Features

TGA Requirements Compliant

Our wipes are independently tested and are TGA listed AUST L 374210 as a disinfectant wipe that kills Covid-19 and 99.9% of germs.

Safe and Gentle on the hands

Diamond Premium Biodegradable Antibacterial Wipes is alcohol free, is laboratory tested and is proven to be safe to use on hands. Avoid contact with eyes and not to be used as a nappy wipe.

Australian Made and Owned

Our biodegradable wipes are Australian Made and Owned and are compostable making them Eco friendly whilst providing protection from viruses and germs.

Who We are

About Our Company

We are an Australian owned business supplying our Australian made Premium Biodegradable Antibacterial Wipes for Gyms, Corporate, Hospitality, Education, Childcare, Households and Healthcare.

We offer very competitive unit rates on our Wipes, and they are all of premium quality.

Our wipes are laboratory and dermatologically tested, TGA Listed and compliant. Diamond Premium Biodegradable Antibacterial Wipes is environmentally friendly whilst giving the highest protection against Germs and Covid-19.

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See what our customers say

“Since reopening my Beauty Salons we have been using Diamond Premium Antibacterial Wipes to disinfect all surfaces in out Salons and to Sanitise our hands. These wipes are of premium quality being thick and soft and has simplified our sanitising procedures saving time and money. We are also selling these wipes to our customers to use in the home and I also use them to home as well. We highly recommend these wipes”

Joanne Beauty

Salon Owner

“Since reopening our store due to Covid 19 we tried Diamond Premium Antibacterial wipes to sanitise all of our products, surfaces and hands after customers had touched them. They are really easy to use to disinfect and after use we simply place them in the bin. The wipes are soft, large, keep their moisture and are of excellent quality. They have made sanitising our shop and ourselves so easy. I recommend these wipes to everyone”


Retail Assistant